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Ep. 74 - How New Age Beliefs Have Created The Way We Live Today

Surviving BJU By Andrew Pledger & Ep. 73 thread

Post Modernism Gets it Right?

Merch Now, Future Members Only Art

Ep. 73- Back To School - A Podcast Preview About Bob Jones University (BJU) ft. Andrew Pledger

The Cult of Scientism

The Co-Opting of Survivor Voices

The Morningland Papers: How A Single Mom Lost Her Twins to a Long Beach Cult

Ep. 72 - The Morningland Papers - Mom Loses Her Twins To The Long Beach Cult

Cult Documentary Audiences Explained

Ep. 71 - The Morningland Papers - Mom Encounters the Gauntlet After Ex-Communication

How to Become a Cult Leader Review Sun Myung Moon

Ep. 70 -The Morningland Papers: How One Man Survived Spiritual Warfare - ft. Author Stephen Mercer

How to Become a Cult Leader Review Asahara Shoko (Matsumoto Chizuo)

Ep. 69 - Music Programming and How to Fight It As An Adult Cult Kid

How to Become a Cult Leader Review Marshall Applewhite

Ep. 68 - How Your Brain on Music is a Cult Leader's Dream

How to Become a Cult Leader Review Jaime Gomez

Ep. 67 - The Morningland Papers - Steve Ryan Fades Out of a Destructive Cult Finds

How to Become a Cult Leader Review Jim Jones

Ep. 66 - The Morningland Papers: Signal Tribune Article Review ft. Lee O. Mom, Frankie

How to Become a Cult Leader Review Charles Manson

Ep. 65 - Faith Healing Through Time & the Effect on the Adult Children of Cults

Forced Relaxation FTW

Ep. 64 - Feedback Loop - Hear What Listeners are Saying About Frankie Files Podcast July 2023 and Before

Preview Netflix Cult Doc + Manson Family's Van Houten Freed

Ep. 63 - Sexploitation: One Taste & Carbon Nation Cults Compared

The Everyday Mysticism of Long Beach in TV Show: Lodge 49

Ep. 62 - Nicole Daedone CEO of One Taste Charged with Forced Labor - June 2023

Nature Boy - Carbon Nation Cult - Eligio Bishop - GA - USA

Ep. 61 -How Adult Children of Cults Are Actually Life Challenged

'Censorship Leprosy' Worse than COVID?

Ep. 60- The Morningland Papers: The Centrific Circles of My Cultist History

Papa Don't Pimp, Please!

Ep. 59 - Why Child Marriage Should Not Exist in USA w/ Sara Tasneem

Radically Genuine Podcast Youtube Ban

Ep. 58 - The Morningland Papers: Carl Jung, Mandalas, Psychology and a Female Psycho New Age Master

Group Think - Social Score - Peer Pressure - USA

Ep. 57 - How Author Brett Harper (TTI) Followed the Money to Expose Corruption in Christian Boarding Schools

Dr. Malone, Dr. Byram Bridle, mRNA & Orwell's Newspeak

Podcast Preview: Author Brett Harper on (TTI) Troubled Teen Industry Christian Run Facilities (Airs May 30, 2023)

Ep. 56 - Christian Nationalism ft. ExVangelist Dr. Clint Heacock of Mind Shift Podcast

Imperialism in War - US History from an Oliver Stone Documentary Series - A Sweeping Recap

Ep. 55 - How a Dangerous Texas Cult: Profundity Yours, is Taking over a Texas Town ft. Investigative Journalist Syran Warner

Predictions, God, A.I., Agenda 2030

Ep. 54 - Fear, Fatalism & the Apocalypse - How to Outlive the Death Wish

Totalism, Mass Formation , Cultic Thinking

Ep. 53 - Are You Participating? Words Matter: It's Human Trafficking in USA

How are Trafficking Victims Life Stalked?

Ep. 52 - What Drove One Man from the Children of God Sex Cult to Murder Suicide?

Ep. 51 - Heaven's Gate Cult Was Never Cute - Sorry New Age Religion

How Are All Belief Systems Akin to a Cute Toddler Clothing Set Named Garanimals?

Lori Vallow - "Preparing a People" Cult Murder Trial Stays Wild

Ep 50 Clip Gaslighting

Ep. 50 Intro to Gaslighting - Institute for Propaganda Analysis early in USA

Virginity is a Lie

Ep. 49 The Morningland Papers - Frankie & Mom Review Ep. 46,47,48

Rehabilitative Social Intervention

Extra - Lee O. On Morningland Doctrine

Ep. 48 - The Morningland Papers: A Man Meets a Guru Named Donato

Dominion Theology

Ep. 47- The Morningland Papers: The Day Donato Died ft. Gopi X

Sex Assault and Self Care Tricks

Ep. 46 - The Morningland Papers: It's a S*x Cult ft. Writer Lisa Van Arsdale

The Co-Opting of Dissenting Voices

2023 Frankie Files Podcast Trailer

Ep. 45 ~ Life Inside 12 Tribes (Aus.) ft. Award Winning Sr. Journo Tim Elliott

Fetishization is Dehumanization

Ep. 44 ~ How a Baby Saved her Jehovah's Witness Family from a Doomsday Cult

When a Doomsday Cult Settles in Texas, Again

Sexual Disorientation - It's Not What You Think

Ep. 43 - Essay: Mental Real Estate - Report: Profundity Yours

CSA - How Long Do Effects Last?

Hot Takes of a Cult Kid

Podcast Preview: Getting 'One Taste' of a Female Run Cult with Ruwan Meepagala (Orgasm Inc. Netflix)

Ep. 42 ~ One Taste - Orgasmic Meditation - Ft. Ruwan Meepagala (Orgasm Inc. Netflix Doc.)

Post Rape Adults - Returning to the Scene of the Crime

Top Cult Stories of 2022 by Frankie Tease

Ep. 41 - Doubling Down on Adult Children of Cults - Ssn. 2 Open

The Branch Covidians

Top Cult Stories of 2022 with Frankie Tease

Virtue Signaling

Christian Recruitment of Battered Cultists

Auctioning off Virginity - Origins, Etymology, Roots

The Tin Foil Hat Trope

Rant: The Cult Psych and Religious Recovery Industry Needs Reform

Frankie Files Podcast (Tuesday)

[Extra: Live Reddit Talk] Child Bride & Social Scientist Dr. Tamara MC PhD on Coercion, Cults as a Child

[Extra: Live Reddit Talk] Profundity Yours Cult in Texas - Live Report with Reporter Syran Warner & Audience Call in Dec. 2022

[Extra: Live Reddit Talk] Islam vs. Fundamentalism, Ayoub on Islam, Salafi, Aldous Huxley, The Five % ers, Philosophy

Morningland Community Update Dec 2022 - 50 Years a Cult