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How to Become a Cult Leader Review Marshall Applewhite

Promise Eternity

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A cult kid takes on issues of society with the irreverence and opinion based on surviving a world she was never prepared for: special focus on cults, coercion, sexuality. Also check out the Tuesday show Frankie Files Podcast.
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Heaven’s Gate is Episode four of How to Become a Cult Leader - and here is my review.

How to Become a Cult Leader -Netflix -

It makes me shudder still, it was all right under everyone’s nose in California. Co-founder Bonnie Nettles died of melanoma metastatic to the liver in 1985 in Dallas, Texas, twelve years before the group's mass suicide in March 1997. Applewhite lead them to their early graves, in his doomsday Christian New Age cult. Take a listen.

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