Virtue SignalingListen now (13 min) | Why It Works, What It Is
Christian Recruitment of Battered Cultists Listen now (13 min) | Serious Danger for Ex-Cultists , Just Like Battered Women
Auctioning off Virginity - Origins, Etymology, RootsListen now (15 min) | How have myths about virgins lasted through time and how are the roots religious?
The Tin Foil Hat TropeListen now (18 min) | How did this propaganda start?
Rant: The Cult Psych and Religious Recovery Industry Needs ReformListen now (16 min) | Or I'm Not a Guinea Pig
And how I barely survived the first year of podcasting
Frankie Tease Tells All to Kacey on a UK Cult True Crime Podcast Oct. 28, 2022
The Piper, the Killer Mom and the Family Lt.
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