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Synanon Mom -A Special Mother's Day Sneak Audio Preview of Janet Best Dart's Gripping Unpublished Memoir

Synanon Mom -A Special Mother's Day Sneak Audio Preview of Janet Best Dart's Gripping Unpublished Memoir

Janet Best Dart, ft. Comments by Sari Crawford (The Sunshine Place)

I will be listening to this episode with my mom. You should too. [Thank you for this Janet.]

The Synanon Fix brought me to Janet Best Dart via my preview of the HBO 2024 documentary. I have not yet got past episode one. We discussed it.

I finally found the mother contact to hear directly about ideology which shaped the cult I was in (Morningland), and the world's awful treatment of kids in the new age. Deidrich normalized it, sold it, institutionalized it.

Who better to share the woman's - the mother's - perspective of the Santa Monica cult which somehow became the model used today on children?

After our chat I wrote Janet a couple questions. Here they are.

Frankie: Where is your son now?

Janet: My son is now 48 and living in Raleigh, NC with his seven year old son. He is an amazing dad.

Frankie: How do you spend your time now?

I'm way too busy—something I probably learned in Synanon. I'm President of the Central Oregon Master Gardeners Association and coordinate all the technology for the group, along with coordinating a demonstration garden. I love to create my own garden at home, where we've converted lawns to low-water flower gardens.  

And I quilt which seems to help calm my wandering mind. Maybe ordering the quilt pieces helps order my mind. There's a story in there somewhere. 

In the winter, I snowshoe; in the summer, I go camping and kayaking and hike when I can.

My husband of 40+ years, Bruce, and I have a 40-year-old son who also lives here in Bend.  My current life is echoing Synanon where my grandson is 2800 miles away.

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Melancholy. Anger. Despondence. That's how watching HBO's The Synanon Fix left me. It took me a week to regain my balance. I felt sad after watching Episode One. It was a nearly perfect history of Synanon, well narrated by Mike Gimbel and punctuated by Jady Dederich, the founder's daughter…
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Above are Janet’s comments on The Synanon Fix and watching it with her son.

The effects are generational.

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Her voice needs amplifying in a story media allows to be dominated by men.

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