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Spotting Propaganda - IPA Devices 5-7

Spotting Propaganda - IPA Devices 5-7

Breaking Down Different Types of Propaganda Text from Inst. for Propaganda Analysis, Part Two

In last week’s episode I did IPA 1-4 Devices

and previously had done an introduction to this topic.

On Frankie Files Podcast I did a longer report on IPA

The IPA and Propaganda

The Institute for Propaganda Analysis existed as a sort of press for schools about propaganda education, prevention, and awareness, in NY, USA. Here, I go through types 5-7 Card Stacking, Band Wagon, and Plain Folks. You’ll recognize some examples of these in modern times, though this source document was put out in 1938.

The latest Frankie Files Podcast is Episode 76 is about Food Deprivation in Cults

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