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[Extra: Live Reddit Talk] Dec. 25 - Comparison of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Baha'i

[Extra: Live Reddit Talk] Mom & I "Being Agnostic in Holidays" as Cult Survivors

[Extra: Live Reddit Talk] Tabby Chapman on NXIVM, her Twins, Her Cult Exit Counseling in Coercion

[Extra: Live Reddit Talk] Sara Tasneem Q & A on being a Sufi Child Bride in a cult - married at 15 by her father

[Extra: Live Twitter Spaces] Sari & Sylvia Crawford Q & A on Synanon, the Game, CEDU, troubled teen

[Extra: Live Reddit Talk] International Cult Awareness Day - Jonestown Death Tape + 11/18/22

Frankie Files Podcast Ep. 40 ~ Season One Mega Recap : Cults, Coercion, Sexuality

Frankie Files Podcast ~ Ep. 39 ~ Sari Crawford on Synanon [#BackToSchool]

Ep. 39 Teaser: Sylvia Crawford on Charles Deidrich creator of Synanon as an original member

Frankie Files Podcast ~ Ep. 38 ~ Ryan Hernandez ~ Catholicism Mission Abuse [#BackToSchool]

Frankie Files Podcast ~ Ep. 37 ~ Andrew Pledger Christian Fundamentalism [#BackToSchool]

Frankie Files Podcast ~ Ep. 36 ~ Tabitha Chapman NXIVM & Intl Cult Awareness [#BackToSchool]

Frankie Files 📂 Podcast ~ Ep. 35 ~ Sara Tasneem, a Sufi Cult (USA) Child Bride Survivor & Activist

Frankie Files 📁 Podcast ~ Episode 34 a Cult Catch Up with Journalist Syran Warner

Court Updates on R. Kelly, Lori Vallow, Larry Ray's Pollock

Frankie Files 📁 Podcast Ep. 33 ~ Love Has Won is Not Done + Morningland Church & New Age Religion

Frankie Files Podcast ~ Ep. 32 ~ Celia Williamson PhD 30 Years of Anti-Human Trafficking Activism

Frankie Files Podcast ~ Ep. 31 ~ Dr. Janja Lalich ~ Heaven's Gate, Troubled Teen Industry & Synanon

Frankie Files Podcast ~ Ep. 30 ~ Trafficking Kids into Religious Cults

The Centrific Circles of My Cultist History

The Frankie Files ~ Ep. 29 ~ Intro to New Age Religion w/ notes from Dr. Janja Lalich

Love Has One is Not Done & The Reptilian Cabal (!)

The Frankie Files ~ Ep. 28 ~ Getting from Victim to Survivor with notes from Robert Jay Lifton

Ep. 27 ~ Analyzing Propaganda ft. IPA Text

The Manson Estate Problem: Jason Freeman

The Frankie Files ~ Ep. 26 ~ Telling Your Parents

The Knife Aristotle Exposed as Tied to NXVM

The Frankie Files ~ Ep. 25 ~ Cult Catch Up: Cultish Pod, Abe Cult Murder, Lighthouse Intl Group

#PSA #OccupyCults

The Frankie Files ~ Ep. 24 ~ July Sex Trafficking Convictions of R. Kelly & Ghislane Maxwell

The Frankie Files ~ Ep. 23 ~ Silencing Tactics Used by Cults

Teaser ~ The Frankie Files ~ Ep. 23: Universal Tactics Used on Ex Members.

The Frankie Files ~ Ep. 22 ~ Conditioning People Like Horses in Cults - Really! Self Reprogramming

Assembly of Prayer Christian Church (Cult), TX, Raided by FBI

Fellowship of Friends Religious Sect Infiltrates Google

The Frankie Files ~ Ep. 21 ~ The Body Cult w/ Journalist Syran Warner [Cult Madness]

Teaser ~ The Frankie Files ~ Ep. 21 ~ on The Body Cult w/ Journalist Syran Warner, a Preview

La Luz Del Mundo Leader Convicted ~ Los Angeles, CA

The Frankie Files ~ Ep. 20 ~ La Luz Del Mundo Church / Cult Leader Naason Joaquin Garcia Convicted

The Body Religious Cult Calls their Kids "Property"

The Frankie Files ~ Ep. 19 ~ Apocalypticism & Related Religious Propaganda: Judaism+Christianity+

Interview: Daniella Mestanyek Young "Uncultured" Author

The Frankie Files~Ep. 18:"Uncultured" Author Daniella Mestyanek on Children of God, U.S. Military

Uncultured Author Talks Vanessa Guillen, Children of God, U.S. Military

Frankie Files Podcast ~ Ep. 17 ~ What's the difference between adult and kid cult survivors? A lot.

#PSA National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (800)273-8255

Leesburg High Elder Council Cult Started as Bible Study, Turned Sexual

The Frankie Files ~ Ep. 16 ~ Human Trafficking in Cults, Nation of Islam, Scientology Legal Cases.

Ministry of God Child Death Discovered 35 Years After The Fact

Who are Freemasons & Why So Secret

The Frankie Files Ep. 15 ~ Religion & Sexuality - Scam!

Paul Waugh Exposes Member's Child Sex Assault History In Media

Cult Leader Thawee Nanra "Father", 75, Arrested in Thailand

Married Preacher Jack Schaap Turned Coercive Teen Sex Groomer, Turned Early Release

Carbon Nation Cult Leader Denied Bond

Police: Florida high school band director, counselor led cult-like 'secret society'


Judge Refuses to Dismiss Charges of La Luz Del Mundo Leader Naason Joaquin Garcia

The Frankie Files ~ Ep. 14 ~ Media Control & Propaganda for Mind Control

Groundbreaking Lawsuit Filed Against Scientology

NXVM Leader Raniere Files Claim of FBI Evidence Tampering

The Frankie Files ~ Ep. 13 ~ Sleep Deprivation / Muscle Memory and How That Effects Us Long Term.

Lighthouse International Group (LIG) Scandal hits Daily News

The Ray Family Sarah Lawrence College Sex Cult

Morningland Church Renamed The Monastery in Long Beach, CA

Preparing a People Cult: Vallow & Daybell Trials

Random Cults List

Carbon Nation Cult: Eligio Bishop In Jail

The Frankie Files ~ Ep. 12 ~ Morningland Church Rebranded The Monastery ~ Full Editorial Report

The Frankie Files ~ Ep. 11 ~ Sexual Mind Control... It's Real

The Frankie Files ~ Ep. 10 ~ Full Report on Sarah Lawrence College Sex Cult Trial ~ Mind Control

The Frankie Files ~ Ep. 9 ~ Special Guest My Mom on Morningland Church & Cult Awareness Network

The Frankie Files ~ Ep. 8 ~ Addiction to Group ~ Sarah Lawrence Cult ~ Heaven's Gate

The Frankie Files ~ Ep. 7 ~ Menticide

Ep. 7 Teaser: Menticide

The Frankie Files ~ Ep. 6 ~ Can Sex Assault Survivors Be Sexy? Epstein Update

From Blogger to Podcaster ~ Join me for The Frankie Files

The Frankie Files ~ Ep. 5 ~ The Amygdala

The Frankie Files ~ Ep. 4 ~ Intro to Adult Children of Cults

The Frankie Files ~ Ep. 3 ~ Unethical Hypnosis

The Frankie Files ~ Ep. 2 ~ Victim Shaming ~ Epstein & Nassar Trials

The Inaugural Episode of The Frankie Files ~ Propaganda for Mind Control