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How to burlesque "connecting with your audience"

My First Vegas Show Preview Will Be of a Protest, Not a Show...

Dita Von Teese, Strip Strip Hooray touring U.S. July and August 2011

Burlesque Reigning "Queen" of 2011 Miss Indigo Blue - and her Seattle Burlesque Academy in 'Gypsy' country

Burlesque film Tournee' to hit DVD soon

Burlesque Legend Jo Weldon of New York City

Portland, Oregon Burlesque Venue List 2011

Jo Boobs Weldon, 'How To' Author, Legendary NY Talent

Burlesque and the Bijou Gruop of Australia

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Burlesque and International star: The Shanghai Pearl

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How to Burlesque: Shoes for performance

Burlesque and the audience: Rob Joseph interview

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