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Ep. 92 - The Cult of Cults Breeds New Favorite Porn Slave

Ep. 92 - The Cult of Cults Breeds New Favorite Porn Slave

Ch. 30 - 31

Breezing through some details we land again on a major player and Senator, who is in this cult which wants world domination: Patrick Leahy.

The routine? Electrocution, torture, sex abuse, including with Cathy's daughter, and trafficking.

In this true crime tale, we approach Cathy's impending end date and the creators of her white slavery program are enjoying the finale'.

With sadists like these in charge, who is surprised at all the USA destructive cults? They work with the agenda of the elite.

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is where author Cathy O'Brien is putting new posts. We are fortunate to have someone so brave speaking up.


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Frankie Tease
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New each Tuesday Mar. -Nov. In The Frankie Files, I use my time as an entertainment writer, my college radio and studies of voice over, as well as my own survival story to shed a light on cults, coercion, sexuality in society and the challenge they present in today's world for any of us who have successfully stayed alive. Especially the cult kids (aka adult children of cults).